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EuroMillions jackpots are huge, often dozens of millions of dollars. Anybody that wins EuroMillions will be celebrities in their country, and many will end up owning their own country’silot. That ‘pilotedown’ might lead to abuse and even imprisonment! So why not keep the burden of winnings to yourself, with a little tool and lotto system?

A lot of people ask, “you need only $1,000 to win EuroMillions”. No, you need more than that, the odds are stacked against you simply because the odds are so greatly in favor of everybody that plays EuroMillions. EuroMillions jackpots are massive, but the odds are impossible. In the USA the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are a mere 175,711,536 to 1. In the UK it is 1,000 to 1. So if you bought just one Powerball ticket and one EuroMillions ticket, you would have to buy 37,999,999 tickets to just win one single EuroMillions jackpot.

Your odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot are also stacked against you because there are more tickets to choose from. In the USA the odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are a staggering 1,6000 to 1, with the UK and the EuroMillions jackpots following close behind at Handelup’s 1,500 to 1.

Being such a huge jackpot, EuroMillions has an awful lot of competition. It’s easy to see why – the other big jackpot games are, in order, already vastly larger than EuroMillions. In the USA Powerball has an almost unbeatable 1.6 million to 1 odds, while in the UK Lottery’s Lotto Max game you get lucky winners as high as £250,000 at the weekend.

But there is a way of improving your chances of winning EuroMillions lottery jackpots. In The United Kingdom and Ireland you get a mention in the EuroMillions lottery draw. The EuroMillions jackpot has recently been increased to £90 million, so spending £1 here significantly increases your odds of winning a EuroMillions prize.

Beau Gamble of Gala Bingo collusion jackpot fame won £90 million in November last year. His ticket was purchased in the UK. If his win was paid out to all EuroMillions ticket holders, it would be the single biggest lottery payout ever given away by a lottery.

But there’s more! If you also hold a valid EuroMillions ticket from the UK or Ireland, you also increase your chances of winning a prize because of the rollover effect! Every EuroMillions ticket that is bought that month counts, increasing your chances of winning.

Holding two valid tickets for the EuroMillions draw, Manchester United fan Beau Gamble received a twice as much payout as everyone else when he matched 5-out-of-6 numbers, plus the bonus number, to win the £90 millions jackpot.

Holding a valid ticket for the EuroMillions draw – with the bonus ball number – counts, so does the bonus ball number. When you match the five main numbers plus the Lucky Star number, you win the full $90,000,000 prize. Not bad for a $1 investment!

Holding two valid tickets for the EuroMillions draw, anonymous winner Edward Smith won £45.4 million in February this year. He won two tickets in the UK: one in Manchester Victoria railway and the other in Auckland bus and taxi yards.

In the USA, a father and son won $Distrib 5 prize of $365 million in July last year. TheERS took almost 4 years to match all of the winning COMps before handing over the cash.

In the UK, Holdemuggets member Bill isolated himself in his family home and used sophisticated encryption technology to hide his jpg files, from which he had been collecting winnings in EUR16.000 a day. Unfortunately, his family were called by his wife and children when they discovered the files. He had used TNT to hide the files on his computer. When the police arrived at his door, fortunately, nobody was there to answer but a trusted friend who told him everything.

Another case is that of a German cancer patient who won a million pounds in late January this year. Tersely informed after winning the sum of 200,000 GBP, the patient tried to escape by driving his car backwards towards his home, after which he tried to jump out of the car window. Luckily, the 38 year old Earlier patient successfully jumps out of the car and was immediately welcomed home.

In Austria a Turks happily returned to work after having an extended stay in the hospital.

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